Know the Man, Know the Gym

An Interview with Galley Creative

When you first see the  Colosseum Gym owner and certified trainer, Tim Gallagher, you think, ‘no nonsense/tough as nails’.  And he is.  In addition, he’s a great businessman and boss, supportive of his trainers and clients, as well as community service oriented, and a remarkably patient and gifted trainer.  As an injury ridden senior, getting stronger, I know this first hand.

More than any gym I’ve ever been in, this gym is clean, supportive, serious, and safe, for absolutely everyone, no matter your experience or fitness level.  It’s also a place of inclusiveness supporting the strongest competitor or the brand new- to- fitness client.  And everything that happens here is a reflection of the owner.  The military-like discipline, structure and respect you feel at the gym, comes from Tim’s own philosophy.  From 1981-1993 Tim was a Chief Warrant Officer 3, maintenance test pilot for UH60 Black Hawks. After the Army he earned his personal training certificate and began working at the Colosseum.  With a business partner he purchased the gym in 2003, bought out his partner in 2010, and the gym has not stopped growing since.

With both FMS and Personal Training certifications and the demands of running an expanding business, Tim still finds time to train clients for general fitness.  He loves working with someone who has neither trained nor understands that they can be stronger.  Whether it’s the client unable to open heavy doors who one day opens a mall door on her own, or the mom who can now put her child’s cereal box away on a top shelf, or a senior rehab-ing from multiple injuries, Tim is challenged by someone with no history of training who can now complete a whole body workout several times per week.  Knowing he can help a client develop a plan to lessen or remove weaknesses and make the body stronger is what drives him.

Several elements of his personal training process ensure a committed client’s success.  First is  his thorough assessment of range of motion including an FMS assessment.  He listens.  Second, after designing a program for the client, during every workout he watches the client/checking constantly to be sure the client is working to potential but safely.  Third, he works as a team member with others participating in the client’s wellness- PTs to doctors.  The result for every client is an enjoyable journey to better health.

And, under Tim’s leadership, the gym is an incredibly vital community unto itself.  Everyone who works at the Colosseum is at  minimum  a Certified Personal Trainer, and many of the trainers have additional specialties and certifications as can be seen by the wide variety of workouts going on at any given time in the main gym, the FMS center and the Arena. Teams coached by experts, train, enter, and win competitions in Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Olympic Lifting. And among the gym’s sponsorships and community service events throughout the year are Special Olympics State Qualifiers, 5051 Scott Wheeler Foundation Fundraiser, Maryland’s Strongest Man or Woman, Fireman Candidate Physical Training [CPAT], as well as support of Wounded Wear and the Howard County Community Connections Program.  The breadth of programs and success all lead back to the one in charge, though the unassuming tough guy would never suggest that himself.

For more information on the gym, its trainers and programs, visit or call 410-740-2339. Whatever your fitness goals, the Colosseum is the place to realize them.

The Body, Sacred

Whether ancient philosophy, meditative retreat, religion,  book title, yoga or bodybuilding, provides the source of meaning  you attach to the phrase ‘the body, sacred’, it is, in all likelihood, a meaning built upon respect. And, it’s the first thing you think of when talking with Josh Flemembaum,  a Colosseum Gym powerlifting, personal trainer, who also possesses breathtaking body art by Jakoh [an ongoing, nearly finished canvas covering much of Josh's body].  He’s intensely proud of the folks he and others train at the gym.  And even though we were there to discuss his background in powerlifting and tatoo art, his first stop on our tour of the gym was to point out the awards  won by Colosseum powerlifting clients, and  to talk about his respect for their hard work and dedication and his excitement in the Colosseum’s  growing  powerlifting community.

Josh is a soft spoken, gentle man, who was lifting 495pounds, during his workout. Apart from the noteworthy weight he lifted, what was so impressive was his technique.  In every lift from his early warm up lifts starting at 135, all the way through, he prepared, moved and repeated the exact same technique each time.  It’s something he has been perfecting for over 20 years.

He credits his coach for his success and recognizes his first competition at age 14 as a defining moment–the first time he took charge of his own body, realized he could overcome weight gain, and position himself as the person he wanted to be.  Winning all of his school awards as a young teen, moving on to establish  state records,  one teenage American record, and one teenage world record, and finding yoga, gave him the foundation needed to journey past injuries, relocations, and the career changes that led to his position today at the Colosseum.  So, whether you are also a longtime powerlifter or a newcomer to the process, you want Josh in your corner. He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s qualified, he works hard, and he’s a great guy who understands, ‘the body, sacred’ .  Talking with him, you realize powerlifting is about strength, but in equal measure about philosophy, quality of life, and community.

Only certified trainers work at the Colosseum , which explains the loyalty of the gym’s diverse clients, from athletes, rehabilitation clients, and seniors to policemen, firemen, fitness buffs, strength trainers, body sculptors and powerlifters.  Whatever their personal goals— better health, body toning or even powerlifting– each client works with a qualified trainer dedicated to customizing a program for that individual client. And no matter what shape or fitness level clients begin with, they know they are safe and, if committed to the process, capable of achieving their fitness goals.  For more information on Josh or any of the Colosseum trainers or programs, visit or call  410-740-2339.

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Activity in the Cold

As we move through the chilly weather, here are a few tips from webmd to keep up your activity:

1. warm up inside before going out for a jog

2. dress appropriately for the cold weather and in layers

3. keep a regular schedule at the gym

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Nutrition plus HIIT = fitness

Among the buzzwords in fitness today is HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training.  By alternating intense exercise with low intensity work or rest, you get amazing results.  Athletes have known that increasing intensity builds capacity, both for strength and mind/focus, and in gyms like the Colosseum, experienced trainers develop individualized programs for their clients combining the benefits of HIIT with a sound approach to nutrition for enduring strength, loss of body fat and capacity.  It’s not an easy approach to fitness, but it’s a surefire way to get incredible results.  Contact the Colosseum today; a program customized for your specific fitness needs, monitored by an experienced personal trainer is one phone call away:  410-740-2339


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