Know the Man, Know the Gym

An Interview with Galley Creative

When you first see the  Colosseum Gym owner and certified trainer, Tim Gallagher, you think, ‘no nonsense/tough as nails’.  And he is.  In addition, he’s a great businessman and boss, supportive of his trainers and clients, as well as community service oriented, and a remarkably patient and gifted trainer.  As [...]

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Activity in the Cold

As we move through the chilly weather, here are a few tips from webmd to keep up your activity:

1. warm up inside before going out for a jog

2. dress appropriately for the cold weather and in layers

3. keep a regular schedule at the gym

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Nutrition plus HIIT = fitness

Among the buzzwords in fitness today is HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training.  By alternating intense exercise with low intensity work or rest, you get amazing results.  Athletes have known that increasing intensity builds capacity, both for strength and mind/focus, and in gyms like the Colosseum, experienced trainers develop individualized programs for their clients combining the benefits [...]

How Much does the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year eat?

JJ Watt is considered by some to be the best defensive player in football. He attributes that to hard work and intense training. But how does he fuel himself to maintain his enormous physique? He has to eat about 9000 calories per day! When he is not training, he is eating, literally to the [...]

Dietary Advice for Athletes

Managing and maintaining your diet is one of the most difficult things for an athlete. Whether you are consuming excess calories to gain more muscle or are cutting to reduce body fat, there are enough diets out there to overwhelm anybody searching for one that compliments their training. Here is a simple guide (without any [...]

Summer work out tips

Exercising outside is a little different during the summer, especially with higher temperatures and more sun! Check out these 10 motivational tips to keep you going this summer.



Low-Calorie Breakfast Recipes

Are you trying to burn body fat by consuming fewer calories? Check out these healthy (and tasty) breakfasts to start your day! Tell us your favorite in the comments!



Can you pass the FBI fitness test?

Being in the FBI means you are in elite and selective company. Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills are a must, but did you know that now you have to pass an FBI fitness test as well? For thefirst time in 15 years, the FBI is requiring agents to pass a test that ensurestheir [...]

Strengthen your abs by using this quick 10 minute ab routine!

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