Get stronger with these methods that “break from the norm”

One the most frustrating things we encounter while strength training is plateauing. It’s upsetting when your progress comes to a halt, despite all your efforts. If you think you are plateauing then try these 4 methods to help break the cycle and help you continue on your path to building strength again.




5 Great Grip Strength Exercises


Grip strength exercises are often overlooked, but they are one of the most important aspects of strength training. While accessories like wrist straps can help you pull some huge weight, it is putting your body at a disadvantage by not training the strength of your grip. Exercises like wrist curls and squeezable grippers are [...]

What does 2000 calories look like?

Traditionally, a daily serving for the average adult was 2000 calories. Of course this doesn’t apply to people who are part of special diets and exercise regimens. But what does 2000 calories look like in real food?

Check out this article by the New York Times to see!


Post Recovery Work Out Tips from Gatorade’s Top Doctor

Often, we don’t plan for our post work out– other than a protein shake and a shower. Here are some great tips by Dr James Carter head of Gatorade’s Sport Science Institute. Watch as he discusses the “three R’s” for your post work out.

>> Click here to watch <<

Have any other post work out tips? [...]

Try these 2015 fitness trends at the Colosseum with a certified personal trainer!


Not sure how to start your new year’s resolutions on gettingin shape? If you have the desire but are uncertain how to begin exercising and working out, call the Colosseum to help you achieve your goals in 2015!

Fitness programs include Body Weight Training,  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Treadmilltraining, proper Recovery [...]

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition tips


Every great workout plan should be supplemented with proper nutrition. While there are a few people who can work out and proceed to eat anything they want, the unlucky rest of will not see the effects of our exercise without the right diet. Not sure where to begin? Check out the infographic to learn [...]

The Viral Phenomenon of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You’ve seen it everywhere by now. If it’s not all over social media sites like facebook and twitter, there are videos shared on news sites, blogs, and challenges even being featured on TV shows. Millions around the world have been pouring buckets of ice water over their heads all in the name [...]

4th Annual Victor Martinez Autism Fundraiser

We raised a total of about 2K in funds for the Autism Speaks charity!
















The Results of the event were:

-Stacy Wagner took 1st place with a combination of the most reps and most money raised for the charity [...]

3rd Annual Scott Wheeler Push/Pull Meet

We with the Scott Wheeler 5051 Foundation wanted to take the chance to [...]

What is the right shoe for your workout?


There are numerous opinions about what kind of athletic shoes to buy. Deciding on one can be overwhelming. While it’s okay to wear your running shoes to play basketball, or hiking boots to go biking this infographic created by Lemonly can help serve as a guide to find out what is right for you.