Another Triumph For Colosseum Bodybuilding by David Johnston

Saturday, August 25th marked the day of the first NPC Jay Cutler Classic bodybuilding and physique competition, held in Rockville, MD, and the Colosseum Gym had a strong showing.

Personal Trainer David Johnston helped train and prep four athletes for the August show.  All four placed within the top five of [...]

Four Colosseum Clients Compete in Bodybuilding Championship by David Johnston

On Saturday, April 14th, 2012, four first-time competitors took to the stage at the 2012 OCB Eastern Regional’s Bodybuilding Championships in Baltimore, MD.  Each brought a level of symmetry, poise, and beauty to the stage they had never before achieved, and each walked away victorious, placing within the top 5 of all categories entered.  [...]

Former Colosseum Trainer Crowned Worlds Strongest Man

Over the weekend, former Colosseum trainer, Mike Jenkins, defeated all of the world’s greatest strongmen in The Arnold Strongman Classic and claimed the title of the worlds strongest man! Among his competitors were Derek poundstone (USA) and Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania), two of the biggest names in the sport. Congrats to Mike for this tremendous [...]

Semi-Pro football team joins the Colosseum

The Arbutus Big Red semi-pro football team has joined our membership ranks!  We have our front desk salesman and trainer, Mike Greengold, to thank for the bump in membership.  He is a defensive lineman for the Big Red and helped arrange memberships for his team.

The Big Red will only be in for team [...]

Member Highlight: Jean Trinkaus

Jean is the owner of Columbia Eye Associates, and eyewear store in Columbia,  and she would like to help you protect your children from sports related injury.

“Protecting Your Child’s Eyes from Sports Injury”

If your child plays a sport that requires a helmet or faceguard, don’t make the mistake of thinking your child’s eyes [...]

Planning for the End

Barrett King, Attorney at Law

“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…”


These are the famous last words of Civil War General John Sedgwick who severely miscalculated the aim of the Confederate Army on his last day. In my line of work, I don’t often get to see so historic a miscalculation, [...]

Member Highlight: Alison Fiasconaro

On May 13th, 2008 Alison began training for her first bodybuilding competition and today, 2 ½ years later she took first place at the prestigious Yorton Cup Bodybuilding Competition.  This is her story…

When Alison first decided she was going to compete in bodybuilding she was 43 years old and the mother of two.  [...]