The Body, Sacred

Whether ancient philosophy, meditative retreat, religion,  book title, yoga or bodybuilding, provides the source of meaning  you attach to the phrase ‘the body, sacred’, it is, in all likelihood, a meaning built upon respect. And, it’s the first thing you think of when talking with Josh Flemembaum,  a Colosseum Gym powerlifting, personal trainer, who also [...]

Basic Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

Presented By Olympic Strength Systems

Learn the Olympic lifts from a USAW expert in an easy-to learn, step-by-step progression! You’ll learn key elements to successful lifts including proper body positioning at varioius stages of the lifts for maximum lifting strength and efficiency. You’ll learn not only how to perform the lifts correctly but also a basic knowledge of theories behind successful lifting! You’ll get:

• [...]

NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship Results

The NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship was held on Saturday the 22nd of March. Congratulations to all of our competitors. Below are the  results: David A. Johnston, men’s open bodybuilding  super heavyweight, 1st place Steve Sessa, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 1st place and overall champion Steve Rovelstad, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 3rd place, and men’s [...]

Congratulations to Vic Selvaggi, Colosseum Gym: BEST of HOWARD AWARD

Howard County Magazine lists the Best Of each year in a variety of categories including Personal Trainers. Winners are selected by readers, and we are please to announce our own, Vic Selvaggi, of the Colosseum Gym was awarded Honorable Mention. To read the complete article, see page 14 in the Howard Magazine.

FMS Movement Prep Workshop 10/13

What is Movement Preparation? Movement Preparation, as the term suggests, prepares your body for movement.  It is also a key component to the FMS training system that by itself can increase mobility, stability and the overall efficiency of movement patterns. This training model will systematically prepare the body for any and all training in [...]

Strongman Saturdays Begin Saturday Sept. 1 from 12-2pm

Have you ever seen a strongman competition on TV? You know, with the stones, car pull, and log press etc… well the Colosseum would like to invite you to train as the pros do. This style of training challenges your body to be physically strong all over and pushes your mental endurance to the [...]

The Functional Movement Screen

Video of the Functional Movement Screen Explained with Josh Halbert and Allan Stephenson

Colosseum Trainers Earn Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification

Congratulations to trainers Tim Gallagher, Marc Salerno, Jim Sansbury, Josh Nachman, Sue Rexford, and Juan Ponte for successfully completing the Functional Movement Screen Certification!  They now join the ranks with our trainers Vic Selvaggi, Todd Hitchcock, Robin Arnone, and Allan Stephenson who previously earned their FMS cert.

The Functional Movement  Screen allows trainers to [...]

Vic’s Kettlebell Class: Part II


Starting Wednesday 3/28/12, I will be starting a new evening KB class that will last 6 weeks.  This will be beginner class with emphasis on proper movement patterns, correctional exercises and of course, KB conditioning. My goal is to have a group of individuals who will train together at least one day per [...]

The Right Personality for Your Personal Trainer

Written By David Johnston

I have worked in commercial gyms for years now, and have watched every sales tactic and technique imaginable when it comes to personal training. Often times, a new client is presented with a questionnaire asking about their preferences regarding a personal trainer– “Would you prefer a disciplinarian type, or an [...]