Another Triumph For Colosseum Bodybuilding by David Johnston

Saturday, August 25th marked the day of the first NPC Jay Cutler Classic bodybuilding and physique competition, held in Rockville, MD, and the Colosseum Gym had a strong showing.

Personal Trainer David Johnston helped train and prep four athletes for the August show.  All four placed within the top five of [...]

Strongman Saturdays Begin Saturday Sept. 1 from 12-2pm

Have you ever seen a strongman competition on TV? You know, with the stones, car pull, and log press etc… well the Colosseum would like to invite you to train as the pros do. This style of training challenges your body to be physically strong all over and pushes your mental endurance to the [...]

The Functional Movement Screen

Video of the Functional Movement Screen Explained with Josh Halbert and Allan Stephenson

Introducing the Kinetic Systems Room at the Colosseum Gym

Video Intro of the Kinetic Systems Room with Vic Selvaggi