The Body, Sacred

Whether ancient philosophy, meditative retreat, religion,  book title, yoga or bodybuilding, provides the source of meaning  you attach to the phrase ‘the body, sacred’, it is, in all likelihood, a meaning built upon respect. And, it’s the first thing you think of when talking with Josh Flemembaum,  a Colosseum Gym powerlifting, personal trainer, who also possesses breathtaking body art by Jakoh [an ongoing, nearly finished canvas covering much of Josh's body].  He’s intensely proud of the folks he and others train at the gym.  And even though we were there to discuss his background in powerlifting and tatoo art, his first stop on our tour of the gym was to point out the awards  won by Colosseum powerlifting clients, and  to talk about his respect for their hard work and dedication and his excitement in the Colosseum’s  growing  powerlifting community.

Josh is a soft spoken, gentle man, who was lifting 495pounds, during his workout. Apart from the noteworthy weight he lifted, what was so impressive was his technique.  In every lift from his early warm up lifts starting at 135, all the way through, he prepared, moved and repeated the exact same technique each time.  It’s something he has been perfecting for over 20 years.

He credits his coach for his success and recognizes his first competition at age 14 as a defining moment–the first time he took charge of his own body, realized he could overcome weight gain, and position himself as the person he wanted to be.  Winning all of his school awards as a young teen, moving on to establish  state records,  one teenage American record, and one teenage world record, and finding yoga, gave him the foundation needed to journey past injuries, relocations, and the career changes that led to his position today at the Colosseum.  So, whether you are also a longtime powerlifter or a newcomer to the process, you want Josh in your corner. He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s qualified, he works hard, and he’s a great guy who understands, ‘the body, sacred’ .  Talking with him, you realize powerlifting is about strength, but in equal measure about philosophy, quality of life, and community.

Only certified trainers work at the Colosseum , which explains the loyalty of the gym’s diverse clients, from athletes, rehabilitation clients, and seniors to policemen, firemen, fitness buffs, strength trainers, body sculptors and powerlifters.  Whatever their personal goals— better health, body toning or even powerlifting– each client works with a qualified trainer dedicated to customizing a program for that individual client. And no matter what shape or fitness level clients begin with, they know they are safe and, if committed to the process, capable of achieving their fitness goals.  For more information on Josh or any of the Colosseum trainers or programs, visit or call  410-740-2339.

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