3rd Annual Scott Wheeler Push/Pull Meet

We with the Scott Wheeler 5051 Foundation wanted to take the chance to thank everyone for the overwhelming support the Foundation received over the past weekend before, during and after the 3rd Annual Scott Wheeler Push/Pull Meet. The meet was a total success. We had almost twice the number of lifters as we have ever had and even more spectators on hand than any previous meet. I know the Mr and Mrs Wheeler and Tracy were yet again touched by the support that was shown for Scott and the incredible foundation named in his honor. I personally am touched by the way we don’t just say, but we show “We Will Never Forget”.
The day was kicked off by Mr Ken Ulman coming bye to wish all the lifters luck and to say hello to Wheeler Family. From that point on we had 4 hours of intense lifting inside the Colosseum Gym, while great food was being sold by Jenna Green of our Records Section and the many many kids on hand were being entertained by the bounce house provided by Jay Frischetti of Keller WilliamsRealtors. We finished up the day with the awards ceremony and after a few recalculations I’m happy to announce the winners:

Women’s Dead Lift: Kalle James-Wintjen
Women’s Bench Press: Ashley Weber
Women’s Master Bench Press: Mary Levy
Women’s Open and Law Enforcement: Kalle James-Wintjen
Men’s Dead Lift: Zack Cerrone
Men’s Bench Press: Mike Nolan
Men’s Master’s Law Enforcement and Overall: Kevin Costello
Men’s Open Law Enforcement and Overall:Mark Reid

Again congrats to all lifters and thank you to everyone for the support.

What is the right shoe for your workout?

via Visua.ly

There are numerous opinions about what kind of athletic shoes to buy. Deciding on one can be overwhelming. While it’s okay to wear your running shoes to play basketball, or hiking boots to go biking this infographic created by Lemonly can help serve as a guide to find out what is right for you.

The graphic breaks down each different type of athletic shoe and what they are best suited for. Types of shoes range from minimal shoes all the way up to shoes made for mountain climbing. The infographic also has great tips about using the right socks. Check out the infographic for yourself. Have and shoe recommendations? Let us know on our Facebook!

Basic Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

Presented By

Olympic Strength Systems

Learn the Olympic lifts from a USAW expert in an easy-to learn, step-by-step progression! You’ll learn key elements to successful lifts including proper body positioning at varioius stages of the lifts for maximum lifting strength and efficiency. You’ll learn not only how to perform the lifts correctly but also a basic knowledge of theories behind successful lifting! You’ll get:

• Eight hours of instruction and practical exercises for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
• Pre-course reference materials
• Video analysis of your lifts.

Where: Terrapin Strength & Conditioning

When: Sunday, June 29, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Cost: $199 per registrant.

To Register: Click HERE and Select the Olympic Lifting Seminar

Don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity to build your Olympic weightlifting foundation from a certified USAW Advanced Sports performance coach!



NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship Results

The NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship was held on Saturday the 22nd of March. Congratulations to all of our competitors.
Below are the  results:
  • David A. Johnston, men’s open bodybuilding  super heavyweight, 1st place
  • Steve Sessa, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 1st place and overall champion
  • Steve Rovelstad, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 3rd place, and men’s novice heavyweight, 1st place
  • Rachael Pecoraro, women’s bodybuilding, 1st place
  • Natalie Rivers, women’s physique division class A, 1st place
  • Lisa Oswald, women’s physique division class A, 3rd place
  • Nikki Johnston, women’s physique division class B, 1st place and overall champion

Other notable participants:

  • Roy Evans, men’s open bodybuilding light heavyweight
  • Frank Kargbo, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Simon VanLeuven, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Kim Schauber, bikini class D and novice class
  • Lauren Javier, bikini class D
To View the Gallery of photo from this event Click Here

Add Meditation to Your Workout Routine

As we put our bodies through strenuous workouts and challenge our eating habits, we often forget to slow things down mentally once in a while. Meditation can help our strengthen bodies and calm our minds as well as provide us with additional health benefits. It may seem hard to fit in meditation in your already packed schedule, but just 10 minutes a day should be just enough for you to start feeling the health benefits. Not quite sure where to begin? This infographic created by SkinEnergizer.com will show you the proper steps on how to meditate.

Health Benefits include reduction in stress, an improved immune system, regulation in blood sugar levels, better memory, and many more listed in the graphic. All this can be achieved by meditating just 10 minutes a day. How has meditation helped you? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook!

infographic -> http://visual.ly/health-meditation

Colosseum Gym hosts Special Olympics Powerlifting Competition

On September 8th, 2013 Special Olympics Howard County hosted a power lifting competition at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia. Athletes from Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll and Montgomery Counties attended the competition and competed in the bench press and dead lift. This competition was in preparation for the state-level competition in October. Thank you to all the athletes that competed and the spectators that came to cheer and give their support to the athletes.

For more information about Colosseum Gym, call 410-740-2339, visit www.colosseumgym.com or stop by to see the gym. Colosseum Gym is located at 9159F Red Branch Road in Columbia, MD, off of Route 108.

Flag Nor Fail Working out at the Colosseum TODAY August 2, 2013 from 3-5pm

Guess who stopped by the Colosseum Gym today on their 2013 tour?

If you are serious about training, body building and strength training, we hope you will join us today to welcome Flag Nor Fail in their workout from 3-5pm at the Colosseum. Thanks to David Johnston!

3rd Annual Victor Martinez Fitness Challenge and Fun Run for Autism

The Colosseum Gym proudly hosted the 3rd Annual Victor Martinez Fitness Challenge and Fun Run for Autism on Saturday, June 15th in Columbia, MD.  The event consisted of 6 total events with an optional run. Events included a bench press (men: 185lbs / 225 lbs; women: 115lbs / 135lbs), squat (men: 225lbs / 275 lbs; women: 135lbs / 165lbs), deadlift (men: 225lbs / 275 lbs; women: 155lbs / 185lbs), pull-up (unassisted body weight), tire flip, and sled drag (men: 225lbs; women: 135lbs). Scoring was based on 50% of the participants’ total number of repetitions achieved throughout all events and 50% of the total number of dollars raised for the charity by pledges (100% of the fees, donations and raffle money went to Autism Speaks).

In addition to the great athletes who participated in the event and the highly supportive spectators, celebrity guests included IFBB Pros Jon Delarosa, Swann Cardot and Aaron Clark.  The Colosseum Strongman team also delighted spectators with incredible feats of strength.  The event raised over $4,000!  Additionally, donations continue to come in through the FitForAutism.com website which will remain active.  If you’d like to donate and show your support, please go to www.fitforautism.com (100% of all donations will go to Autism Speaks).

Grand Prize Winner Jon Metro is the Fit For Autism grand prize overall winner.  Jon scored a total of 144 reps and received over $700 in pledges.  Currently, Jon is a resident of Ocean City, Maryland and works for the Worcester County Developmental Center.  Prior to this, he was a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army where he served 7 years and 2 tours in Iraq. Jon developed a passion for fitness during his military service that has become an integral part of his life.  After an overall win in men’s physique at the OCB Regional competition in April, Jon has his sights set on dominating the NPC Maryland State / East Coast Championship next weekend in Rockville, Maryland.  Needless to say, Jon is stoked about attending the 2013 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas with Team MHP and receiving the Gourmet Steak Package from Heartland Home Foods!

About Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. It is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Suzanne and Bob Wright, the grandparents of a child with autism. Mr. Wright is the former vice chairman of General Electric and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal. Since its inception, Autism Speaks has committed more than $195 million to research and developing innovative resources for families. Each year Walk Now for Autism Speaks events are held in more than 100 cities across North America. On the global front, Autism Speaks has established partnerships and related activities in more than 40 countries on five continents to foster international research, services and awareness. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit www.AutismSpeaks.org.

For more event details, video clips and photos, please go to www.fitforautism.com. If you could not attend the event, please consider a donation on behalf of Victor Martinez to support the groundbreaking programs and special projects that Autism Speaks fund.

Click here to make a donation today 

Thank you for your support!

The Colosseum Gym would like to thank all of the sponsors of this event including David Johnston TrainingMHPHeartland Home FoodsAmerican Muscle SupplyGetSome Xtreme WearNutrition Locker, and The Calming Effect Therapeutic Massage.

Congratulations to Vic Selvaggi, Colosseum Gym: BEST of HOWARD AWARD

Howard County Magazine lists the Best Of each year in a variety of categories including Personal Trainers. Winners are selected by readers, and we are please to announce our own, Vic Selvaggi, of the Colosseum Gym was awarded Honorable Mention. To read the complete article, see page 14 in the Howard Magazine.

A Tremendous Season For Colosseum Bodybuilders

At the Colosseum Gym on Red Branch Road in Columbia, clients work with certified personal trainers to achieve their desired level of fitness. For some, that means the dedicated journey to physique competition.  One of the trainers, DavidJohnston, is well known as both a competitor and trainer, specializing in Bodybuilding.  This year, his client competitors have enjoyed unprecedented success:




The Colosseum treats each client’s needs individually, and those who choose the demanding level of physique competition do serious work. Please join me in celebrating the commitment and hard work of these winning Colosseum Gym Bodybuilding Physique Competitors. [Tim Gallagher, owner, The Colosseum Gym]


4/21/12: OCB Eastern Regionals (Baltimore, MD)
1) Sandy Aja:
-first time competitor
-5th place in open bikini division

2) Sara Sussman:
-first time competitor
-4th place in open bikini division

3) Christina Fahey:
-first time competitor
-2nd place, women’s bodybuilding, debut division
-2nd place, women’s bodybuilding, novice division
-3rd place, women’s bodybuilding, open division

4) Marty Ozimek:
-first time competitor
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, debut division
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, notice tall division
-overall trophy, men’s bodybuilding novice division
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open middleweight division

4/28/12: NPC Max Muscle Championship (Woodbridge, VA)
5) David A. Johnston
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division
-overall trophy, men’s open bodybuilding

5/5/12: NPC Pittsburgh Championship (Pittsburgh, PA)
6) David A. Johnston
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division

6/22/12: NPC Philadelphia Championship (Philadelphia, PA)
7) David A Johnston
-2nd place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division

8) Doug Charland:
-first time competitor
-6th place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division
-6th place, men’s bodybuilding, open heavyweight division

9) Donna Giordano:
-first time competitor
-11th place, figure, master’s division
-2nd place, figure, open, class C

6/29/12: NPC Maryland State Championship/East Coast Classic (Towson, MD)
10) David A. Johnston
-5th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (Maryland State)
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (East Coast Classic)

11) Doug Charland:
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (Maryland State)
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division (East Coast Classic)

12) Donna Giordano:
-5th place, figure, master’s division
-3rd place, figure, open, class C

8/25/12: NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic (Rockville, MD)
13) Jim Driskell:
-first time competitor
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open lightweight division

14) PK (Surya Kalidindi):
-first time competitor
-5th place, men’s physique division, class A

15) Tracy Nash:
-1st place, women’s bodybuilding, open lightweight division
-overall trophy, women’s open bodybuilding


16) Hannah Kim:
-first time competitor
-4th place, bikini division, class A

10/20/12: OCB Charm City Classic (Towson, MD)
17) Anthony Osundu:
-first time competitor
-4th place, men’s physique division

18) Stephanie Irish:
-first time competitor
-1st place, figure, master’s 35+ division
-overall trophy, figure, master’s division
-1st place, figure, novice tall division
-overall trophy, figure, novice division
-1st place, figure, open B class
-overall trophy, figure open
-IFPA pro card earned at first show ever

10/27/12: NPC Shawn Ray Baltimore Washington Grand Prix (Towson, MD)
19) Yuri Kostovetskiy:
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, open light heavyweight division

20) Cesar Barreto:
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, middleweight division

21) Paul Roy (Roy Satyajit):
-first time competitor
-3rd place, men’s physique division, class A

22) PK (Surya Kalidindi):
-6th place, men’s physique division, class B

23) Dave Shutler:
-10th place, men’s physique division, class B

24) Donna Giordano:
-4th place, figure, master’s 35+ division
-2nd place, figure, open, class B

11/4/12: WBFF New England Championship (Rhode Island)
25) Dave Shutler
-2nd place, muscle model division
-WBFF pro card earned