Colosseum Expansion Part II

The wall is up and construction on the back room is complete!  We have purchased some new equipment including two squat racks, a new set of rubber covered bumper plates, clips, Olympic bars, deadlifting platforms, a boxing bag, and more!

The results of the Facebook Poll are in!  The official Facebook name for the backroom is …. (drum roll please) … The I pick things up and put them down room.  ?  … really guys? I’d like to call out a certain someone with a first name that begins with the letter “K” and rhymes with Lady for creating that hilarious option.

Supreme Dictator Tim has overruled the ridiculous Facebook poll name and has decided to go with something a little simpler and more relevant: The Arena!  The floor of the Colosseum where the gladiators did battle was referred to as the Arena, and it was the stage for all the action.

Despite being overruled, many thanks to all who participated in the poll! You’re interaction with us helps give us new and better ideas on how to continue serving you best!


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