On Saturday, November 1st, The Colosseum Gym hosted the Maryland Strongest Man Competition 2014. The event took place in the gym’s parking lot where onlookers were awed as 80 dedicated participants hoisted cars and lifted Atlas Stones. Despite the drizzly weather and temperatures below 50 degrees, no one’s spirits could be dampened. Crowds encircled the competitors, cheering words of encouragement as the participants demonstrated incredible feats of strength. The competition included five events: car deadlift, yoke, overhead press, frame hold, and atlas stone. Just to give you an idea of how strong these individuals are: the front half of the Nissan Sentra they had to lift totaled around 1,100 lbs.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

Novice Men – Adam Somers
Lightweight Women –   Heather Ingalls
Middleweight Women – Meryln Bowen
Heavyweight Women – Keeley Moffit
175 Lb Men – Michael Ciccone
200 Lb men – Nick  Shelton
231 Lb Men – Brian Alsruhe
Heavyweight Men – Kyle Wells
Super Heavyweight Men – Ethan Farkas

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