Help Bring Christmas to Families on Local Domestic Violence Shelters



Christmas is a magical time of giving and receiving gifts and sharing time with ones we love, but for some, this Holiday can be very difficult.  Some families go through challenging times around Christmas and find support through shelters such as local Domestic Violence Shelters.

The centers provide safety and comfort to those who need it, and during the Holidays also try to rekindle a shred of the magic by having presents for the families and children they serve.

Earlier this month, Colosseum owner, Tim Gallagher, spoke with a representative from a local Domestic Violence Center about how he could help donate Christmas presents for those families.  Here is what he found:

The Domestic Violence Centers appreciate gifts in the form of gift cards to local stores such as target, kohls, toys r us, kmart, etc. so that they can purchase age appropriate and perhaps even kid-specific presents.

If you would like to help us on our mission to raise $2500 for these families, please drop a gift card (recommended amount $25) into the check slot at the front desk.  Tim will personally see to their delivery.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting this deserving cause!


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