Colosseum Gym - Serious Fitness
The Colosseum Gym has recently installed an Ultraviolet Air Treating System to help protect our members from Covid-19 and other bacteria. The UV Treatment System's UV-C light helps reduce airborne bacteria and surface mold spores that grow on HVAC air coils. This device will help achieve improved air quality, and reduce the potential spread of Covid-19 inside the facility.

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Serious Fitness

We believe that if you take your fitness seriously or would like to, you belong at the Colosseum Gym. We have a comfortable training atmosphere of about 10,000 sq ft. Our gym is kept clean.  We have lots of quality fitness training equipment.  We are a USAPL Powerlifter Friendly Gym and we have nice amenities for our members such as a towel service, Sirius XM radio, centrally controlled AC, showers and locker rooms, even free coffee.

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Amenities for our members

USAPL Powerlifter Friendly Gym

Sirius XM radio

Showers and locker rooms

Free coffee

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