Vic’s Kettlebell Class: Part II




Starting Wednesday 3/28/12, I will be starting a new evening KB class that will last 6 weeks.  This will be beginner class with emphasis on proper movement patterns, correctional exercises and of course, KB conditioning.
My goal is to have a group of individuals who will train together at least one day per week; not just in the use of KB’s, but in the full aspect of functional training and design.  This will include assessment, program design, and of course, a group KB class.  You will be responsible for completing “homework” each week prior to the next class.  Homework will be posted in the KB area each week, simply said, you have another workout to complete for the week.
The beginners class will start Wednesday 3/28/12 at 7PM and every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks (6 week program total).  Class will last approximately 75 minutes.  Total cost of the program will be $120.00
Please email if you are interested in joining.
Thank you.

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