To work out anytime 24/7, at your convenience, call or email us about the OpenPath app which gives you full 24 hour access to the gym using only your smartphone. A link to the app will be sent to your email address, along with a printable liability form that can be completed at home or at the gym for full access. ||| PLEASE NOTE: Colosseum Gym highly recommends Hidden Waters Farm for their fabulous grass fed beef and other naturally grown products. Visit their website for more info:


Basic Olympic Weightlifting Clinic


Learn the Olympic lifts from a USAW expert in an easy-to learn, step-by-step progression! You’ll learn key elements to successful lifts including proper body positioning at varioius stages of the lifts for maximum lifting strength and efficiency. You’ll learn not only how to perform the lifts correctly but also a basic knowledge of theories behind successful lifting! You’ll get:

• Eight hours of instruction and practical exercises for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
• Pre-course reference materials
• Video analysis of your lifts.

Where: Terrapin Strength & Conditioning

When: Sunday, June 29, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Cost: $199 per registrant.

To Register: Click HERE and Select the Olympic Lifting Seminar

Don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity to build your Olympic weightlifting foundation from a certified USAW Advanced Sports performance coach!

NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship Results

The NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship was held on Saturday the 22nd of March. Congratulations to all of our competitors.
Below are the  results:
  • David A. Johnston, men’s open bodybuilding  super heavyweight, 1st place
  • Steve Sessa, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 1st place and overall champion
  • Steve Rovelstad, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 3rd place, and men’s novice heavyweight, 1st place
  • Rachael Pecoraro, women’s bodybuilding, 1st place
  • Natalie Rivers, women’s physique division class A, 1st place
  • Lisa Oswald, women’s physique division class A, 3rd place
  • Nikki Johnston, women’s physique division class B, 1st place and overall champion

Other notable participants:

  • Roy Evans, men’s open bodybuilding light heavyweight
  • Frank Kargbo, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Simon VanLeuven, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Kim Schauber, bikini class D and novice class
  • Lauren Javier, bikini class D
To View the Gallery of photo from this event Click Here


Congratulations to Vic Selvaggi, Colosseum Gym: BEST of HOWARD AWARD

Howard County Magazine lists the Best Of each year in a variety of categories including Personal Trainers. Winners are selected by readers, and we are please to announce our own, Vic Selvaggi, of the Colosseum Gym was awarded Honorable Mention. To read the complete article, see page 14 in the Howard Magazine.

FMS Movement Prep Workshop 10/13



What is Movement Preparation? Movement Preparation, as the term suggests, prepares your body for movement.  It is also a key component to the FMS training system that by itself can increase mobility, stability and the overall efficiency of movement patterns. This training model will systematically prepare the body for any and all training in the gym/field or game of life. During MP our goal is to increase core temperature, address key mobility and stability demands, and activate the nervous system using movements and speeds specific to that day’s training session.

This hands-on seminar will go over the advantages of such training and the concepts behind it.  Within this time, attendants will learn about specific types of MP and experience the benefits of its results with this seminar.  This presentation is for both trainers and clients who wish to learn more about pain free movement and increase their overall strength and well being.

When:        Saturday October 13th @ 9AM – 11AM
Where:    The Colosseum Gym
9159-F Red Branch Road
Columbia, MD 21043
Cost:        $25.00

Josh Halbert B.A., ACE, FMS II, RKC, Athlete’s Performance Institute Graduate

Vic Selvaggi B.S., NSPA, AFPA, FMS II, RKC, USAW, Athlete’s Performance Institute Graduate


RSVP and for more information, please call or email:

Vic Selvaggi (410) 961-5393,

Josh Halbert (443) 722-3444,

Strongman Saturdays Begin Saturday Sept. 1 from 12-2pm


Have you ever seen a strongman competition on TV? You know, with the stones, car pull, and log press etc… well the Colosseum would like to invite you to train as the pros do. This style of training challenges your body to be physically strong all over and pushes your mental endurance to the limit. While Strongman training is reserved for the healthy, we want to get people of all ability levels trying this out.  We will be doing demonstrations on strongman events such as the Farmers Walk, Tire Flip, Axel Deadlift, Log Press, Yoke, and Monster Dumbbell. Once you’ve got a tutorial on how to safely use the equipment you will have a chance to try any or all of the events that interest you. Our plan is to create a club of Colosseum Members who are interested in meeting on a weekly Saturday basis to train for strongman, whether for competition or for love of fitness. This is open to all ability levels, male or female. Nonmembers are welcome to come as well so bring a friend!  And don’t get scared.  Read more on our blog. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page 

Colosseum Trainers Earn Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification

Congratulations to trainers Tim Gallagher, Marc Salerno, Jim Sansbury, Josh Nachman, Sue Rexford, and Juan Ponte for successfully completing the Functional Movement Screen Certification!  They now join the ranks with our trainers Vic Selvaggi, Todd Hitchcock, Robin Arnone, and Allan Stephenson who previously earned their FMS cert.

The Functional Movement  Screen allows trainers to identify and quantify movement compensations and muscle imbalances.  Once identified, trainers can design an exercise program to correct imbalances, improve overall movement, and prevent injuries.

Email us at if you are interested in meeting with an FMS certified trainer.



Vic’s Kettlebell Class: Part II




Starting Wednesday 3/28/12, I will be starting a new evening KB class that will last 6 weeks.  This will be beginner class with emphasis on proper movement patterns, correctional exercises and of course, KB conditioning.
My goal is to have a group of individuals who will train together at least one day per week; not just in the use of KB’s, but in the full aspect of functional training and design.  This will include assessment, program design, and of course, a group KB class.  You will be responsible for completing “homework” each week prior to the next class.  Homework will be posted in the KB area each week, simply said, you have another workout to complete for the week.
The beginners class will start Wednesday 3/28/12 at 7PM and every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks (6 week program total).  Class will last approximately 75 minutes.  Total cost of the program will be $120.00
Please email if you are interested in joining.
Thank you.

The Right Personality for Your Personal Trainer




Written By David Johnston

I have worked in commercial gyms for years now, and have watched every sales tactic and technique imaginable when it comes to personal training. Often times, a new client is presented with a questionnaire asking about their preferences regarding a personal trainer– “Would you prefer adisciplinarian type, or an empathetic type?”

I always thought the question was the silliest question in the world– until I started watching other personal trainers with their clientele.

See, here’s the deal with personal trainers: they are typically commission-only. Which means, when they’re not training a client, they are making no money at all. Which means they are intensely interested in acquiring a client in the first place, and by all means never offending that client.

We are taught in the sales world to “never say no”– if you want to close a sale, you should always be cheerful, agreeable, and always tell the client what they want to hear, even if you later have to modify it to something slightly different. And most personal trainers approach their new clients in this manner: they are passive, borderline fearful of offending the prospective client, for fear that they won’t close the sale. And then once they have that client, they are afraid to be blunt, to “tell it like it is”, for fear of losing the client.

But here’s the problem: you are hiring a trainer. This means, you are seeking out guidance and leadership from a qualified professional to help take you to a level of health and fitness you admittedly can’t get to on your own.

Can you imagine sending your children to a teacher who backed down her expectations every time the child said “It’s too hard”, for fear of discouraging the child? Can you imagine employing a teacher for your child who was more concerned with being the child’s friend, than the child’s instructor? Of course not! You would run screaming from a teacher like that. Why? Because a teacher’s job is to hold your child accountable, have high expectations, and help elevate them to the next level of knowledge.

The same is true with personal training. You want somebody with a strong personality, somebody who is smart (maybe a little too smart), somebody who will call you on your BS, somebody with high expectations, somebody who holds him or herself to a ridiculously high standard. This will help to elevate you to the next level, even if it’s a bit painful (and trust me, it will be– if it was simple and pain-free, you’d already be in great shape, and not spending hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer!).

So when hiring a trainer, do yourself a favor and look for the meanest, most brutally honest trainer in the gym. Yes, it will sting a bit, but at the end of your sessions, when you actually have the body and health of your dreams– along with the self-esteem that you earned in the process– you will come back and thank me!