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Gym News

Basic Olympic Weightlifting Clinic


Learn the Olympic lifts from a USAW expert in an easy-to learn, step-by-step progression! You’ll learn key elements to successful lifts including proper body positioning at varioius stages of the lifts for maximum lifting strength and efficiency. You’ll learn not only how to perform the lifts correctly but also a basic knowledge of theories behind successful lifting! You’ll get:

• Eight hours of instruction and practical exercises for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
• Pre-course reference materials
• Video analysis of your lifts.

Where: Terrapin Strength & Conditioning

When: Sunday, June 29, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Cost: $199 per registrant.

To Register: Click HERE and Select the Olympic Lifting Seminar

Don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity to build your Olympic weightlifting foundation from a certified USAW Advanced Sports performance coach!

NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship Results

The NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic Championship was held on Saturday the 22nd of March. Congratulations to all of our competitors.
Below are the  results:
  • David A. Johnston, men’s open bodybuilding  super heavyweight, 1st place
  • Steve Sessa, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 1st place and overall champion
  • Steve Rovelstad, men’s open bodybuilding heavyweight, 3rd place, and men’s novice heavyweight, 1st place
  • Rachael Pecoraro, women’s bodybuilding, 1st place
  • Natalie Rivers, women’s physique division class A, 1st place
  • Lisa Oswald, women’s physique division class A, 3rd place
  • Nikki Johnston, women’s physique division class B, 1st place and overall champion

Other notable participants:

  • Roy Evans, men’s open bodybuilding light heavyweight
  • Frank Kargbo, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Simon VanLeuven, men’s physique division class D and novice class
  • Kim Schauber, bikini class D and novice class
  • Lauren Javier, bikini class D
To View the Gallery of photo from this event Click Here


A Tremendous Season For Colosseum Bodybuilders

At the Colosseum Gym on Red Branch Road in Columbia, clients work with certified personal trainers to achieve their desired level of fitness. For some, that means the dedicated journey to physique competition.  One of the trainers, DavidJohnston, is well known as both a competitor and trainer, specializing in Bodybuilding.  This year, his client competitors have enjoyed unprecedented success:




The Colosseum treats each client’s needs individually, and those who choose the demanding level of physique competition do serious work. Please join me in celebrating the commitment and hard work of these winning Colosseum Gym Bodybuilding Physique Competitors. [Tim Gallagher, owner, The Colosseum Gym]


4/21/12: OCB Eastern Regionals (Baltimore, MD)
1) Sandy Aja:
-first time competitor
-5th place in open bikini division

2) Sara Sussman:
-first time competitor
-4th place in open bikini division

3) Christina Fahey:
-first time competitor
-2nd place, women’s bodybuilding, debut division
-2nd place, women’s bodybuilding, novice division
-3rd place, women’s bodybuilding, open division

4) Marty Ozimek:
-first time competitor
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, debut division
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, notice tall division
-overall trophy, men’s bodybuilding novice division
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open middleweight division

4/28/12: NPC Max Muscle Championship (Woodbridge, VA)
5) David A. Johnston
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division
-overall trophy, men’s open bodybuilding

5/5/12: NPC Pittsburgh Championship (Pittsburgh, PA)
6) David A. Johnston
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division

6/22/12: NPC Philadelphia Championship (Philadelphia, PA)
7) David A Johnston
-2nd place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division

8) Doug Charland:
-first time competitor
-6th place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division
-6th place, men’s bodybuilding, open heavyweight division

9) Donna Giordano:
-first time competitor
-11th place, figure, master’s division
-2nd place, figure, open, class C

6/29/12: NPC Maryland State Championship/East Coast Classic (Towson, MD)
10) David A. Johnston
-5th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (Maryland State)
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (East Coast Classic)

11) Doug Charland:
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, open super heavyweight division (Maryland State)
-4th place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division (East Coast Classic)

12) Donna Giordano:
-5th place, figure, master’s division
-3rd place, figure, open, class C

8/25/12: NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic (Rockville, MD)
13) Jim Driskell:
-first time competitor
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, open lightweight division

14) PK (Surya Kalidindi):
-first time competitor
-5th place, men’s physique division, class A

15) Tracy Nash:
-1st place, women’s bodybuilding, open lightweight division
-overall trophy, women’s open bodybuilding


16) Hannah Kim:
-first time competitor
-4th place, bikini division, class A

10/20/12: OCB Charm City Classic (Towson, MD)
17) Anthony Osundu:
-first time competitor
-4th place, men’s physique division

18) Stephanie Irish:
-first time competitor
-1st place, figure, master’s 35+ division
-overall trophy, figure, master’s division
-1st place, figure, novice tall division
-overall trophy, figure, novice division
-1st place, figure, open B class
-overall trophy, figure open
-IFPA pro card earned at first show ever

10/27/12: NPC Shawn Ray Baltimore Washington Grand Prix (Towson, MD)
19) Yuri Kostovetskiy:
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, open light heavyweight division

20) Cesar Barreto:
-3rd place, men’s bodybuilding, master’s 40+ division
-1st place, men’s bodybuilding, middleweight division

21) Paul Roy (Roy Satyajit):
-first time competitor
-3rd place, men’s physique division, class A

22) PK (Surya Kalidindi):
-6th place, men’s physique division, class B

23) Dave Shutler:
-10th place, men’s physique division, class B

24) Donna Giordano:
-4th place, figure, master’s 35+ division
-2nd place, figure, open, class B

11/4/12: WBFF New England Championship (Rhode Island)
25) Dave Shutler
-2nd place, muscle model division
-WBFF pro card earned


Christmas/Holiday Party Sat December 1st

Come join us for our second annual Christmas/Holiday Party!
Where: The Colosseum Gym
When: Sat Dec 1st from 7pm-10pm
Food, drink, and good times for everybody! PLUS, we will be presenting -for the first time ever- a professionally created video featuring the Colosseum Gym and some of the amazing people who make it such a standout gym.

Friends and family welcome.  RSVP on our Facebook event (encouraged, not required).  Email if you have any questions.



FMS Movement Prep Workshop 10/13



What is Movement Preparation? Movement Preparation, as the term suggests, prepares your body for movement.  It is also a key component to the FMS training system that by itself can increase mobility, stability and the overall efficiency of movement patterns. This training model will systematically prepare the body for any and all training in the gym/field or game of life. During MP our goal is to increase core temperature, address key mobility and stability demands, and activate the nervous system using movements and speeds specific to that day’s training session.

This hands-on seminar will go over the advantages of such training and the concepts behind it.  Within this time, attendants will learn about specific types of MP and experience the benefits of its results with this seminar.  This presentation is for both trainers and clients who wish to learn more about pain free movement and increase their overall strength and well being.

When:        Saturday October 13th @ 9AM – 11AM
Where:    The Colosseum Gym
9159-F Red Branch Road
Columbia, MD 21043
Cost:        $25.00

Josh Halbert B.A., ACE, FMS II, RKC, Athlete’s Performance Institute Graduate

Vic Selvaggi B.S., NSPA, AFPA, FMS II, RKC, USAW, Athlete’s Performance Institute Graduate


RSVP and for more information, please call or email:

Vic Selvaggi (410) 961-5393,

Josh Halbert (443) 722-3444,

Strongman Saturdays Begin Saturday Sept. 1 from 12-2pm


Have you ever seen a strongman competition on TV? You know, with the stones, car pull, and log press etc… well the Colosseum would like to invite you to train as the pros do. This style of training challenges your body to be physically strong all over and pushes your mental endurance to the limit. While Strongman training is reserved for the healthy, we want to get people of all ability levels trying this out.  We will be doing demonstrations on strongman events such as the Farmers Walk, Tire Flip, Axel Deadlift, Log Press, Yoke, and Monster Dumbbell. Once you’ve got a tutorial on how to safely use the equipment you will have a chance to try any or all of the events that interest you. Our plan is to create a club of Colosseum Members who are interested in meeting on a weekly Saturday basis to train for strongman, whether for competition or for love of fitness. This is open to all ability levels, male or female. Nonmembers are welcome to come as well so bring a friend!  And don’t get scared.  Read more on our blog. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page 

Another Triumph For Colosseum Bodybuilding by David Johnston

78 79 80 81


Saturday, August 25th marked the day of the first NPC Jay Cutler Classic bodybuilding and physique competition, held in Rockville, MD, and the Colosseum Gym had a strong showing.

Personal Trainer David Johnston helped train and prep four athletes for the August show.  All four placed within the top five of their class, a terrific achievement given that three were first-time competitors.

Jim Driskell, ripped to the bone, took 3rd in the Men’s Open Lightweight division.  PK, another first-time competitor, took 5th out of 20 in the Men’s Physique Class A division.  Hannah Kim, also hitting the stage for the first time, placed 4th out of 20 in the Bikini Class A division.  Last but not least, Tracy Nash won the Women’s Open Bodybuilding Lightweight division, and then went on to win the Women’s Bodybuilding Overall title.  Congratulations to all four of you, and to David Johnston with more wins on the wall!  Colosseum Gym is rapidly proving to be a serious training ground for those interested in physique competition.

To that end, Colosseum Gym will be sponsoring a booth at the 3rd and final Maryland NPC show of the year, the Shawn Ray Classic, held on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 in Towson, MD.  Colosseum will soon be featuring two new trainers that both compete and help to prepare other competitors, Stacy Wig and Dave Shutler.  Stacy Wig is an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor, an active NPC judge, and has helped to prep dozens of men and women and get them into the best shape of their lives.  Dave Shutler competes in both Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding, as well as working in fitness modeling, and has also helped numerous others hit the stage in amazing shape.

Colosseum Gym is one of the last gyms in the area friendly to serious training, be that kettlebell classes, powerlifting, or bodybuilding.  We are proud to host a booth at the October 27th Shawn Ray Classic, and train David Johnston plans on bringing in between 8 and 12 competitors– all in the best shape of their lives.

If you would like more info on attending the show, or physique competition in general, please email David directly at


Colosseum Trainers Earn Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification

Congratulations to trainers Tim Gallagher, Marc Salerno, Jim Sansbury, Josh Nachman, Sue Rexford, and Juan Ponte for successfully completing the Functional Movement Screen Certification!  They now join the ranks with our trainers Vic Selvaggi, Todd Hitchcock, Robin Arnone, and Allan Stephenson who previously earned their FMS cert.

The Functional Movement  Screen allows trainers to identify and quantify movement compensations and muscle imbalances.  Once identified, trainers can design an exercise program to correct imbalances, improve overall movement, and prevent injuries.

Email us at if you are interested in meeting with an FMS certified trainer.



New Arena Coming Soon!!!


The Arena is freshly painted and new lights installed!  We are just waiting for the rubber flooring to be put down before we move in the equipment.  This new room will add at least 500 extra sq ft to the arena and will provide a safer, more efficient space for powerlifting, olympic lifting, and crossfit training.

Our plan is to wait until the room is finished and weights moved in before we install mirrors or purchase any new equipment.  We want to see how the room is used and get feedback from you all.  Email any questions or comments to us at

We’ll keep you posted on any updates and announce the official opening day once the Arena is complete!