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Deirdre F.

I love this gym! Some pros that I appreciate: *Privacy- I hate when gym bathrooms are just big empty locker rooms where you have to bare it all in front of the other patrons.  Not here. Changing rooms and showers have spacious private stalls.  The changing rooms have full doors, mirrors, a seat, hooks for your clothes etc.  Showers have a private curtained-in changing area in front of the shower so you don’t have to change in the actual shower stall to maintain privacy.  The showers also have nice shampoo in them.

*Woman friendly- Sometimes the weight lifting areas feel a lot like “dude” zones in gyms, which is unfortunate since weight lifting has so many health benefits for all genders.  (Side note: No, you will not “bulk up” like a dude– unless you are taking steroids– by lifting weights.  You will tone up, increase your metabolism, increase your bone density and decrease your risk for osteoporosis.)

At the Collosseum, there are a lot more women (of all shapes, sizes and strengths) who use the weights.  So its less intimidating to join them.  I think this is in part because the Collosseum has a lot of clients who work with trainers, and so more people know how to get a good strength workout whether they are with their trainer or on their own.  Definitely worth hiring a trainer a couple of times to teach you strength training basics since this is such an important part of fitness that so many women miss out on.

*Spacious- The gym is pretty much a big open floor plan. High ceilings keep you from feeling boxed in. They don’t try to pack in machines like sardines in a can the way some gyms do, so you have a comfortable distance between you and anyone else working out.

*Not overcrowded- I’ve never had to wait in a line to use a treadmill or elliptical, something that was common practice at my old gym.  What a waste of time!  Here I can get my workout in, and get out.

*Little details done right- clean, plenty of towels, big magazine collection if you like to read while doing cardio, nice soaps, shampoos and even mouthwash in the bathroom.

*Smart, friendly, professional staff who are truly knowledgeable about health and fitness.

Love this place!